Among Us

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Welcome to a thrilling interactive game where you can test your detective skills. You will play in a company of users where somebody is against all the rest. All events unfold in the space – you are travelling in a huge spaceship. Actually, all of the players are the members of the team that services the air vehicle and ensures its smooth performance. There are a lot of everyday tasks to complete here. But one thing changes everything! One day, one of the crew members is found dead. Even if you believe this is just an accident, you will change your mind when a new killing happens. Who stands behind these terrible crimes? Now it is time to analyze everything to find out who can be a merciless impostor. But it will be very difficult to find a true criminal.

How to play?

This project allows you to play two roles. You can become a plain team member or you can opt for the role of impostor. In case you select the latter option, only you will know your actual task. And according to the plot, you must kill the rest of the crew! You must act very carefully as after each incident the players will gather for a meeting to decide who is to blame for the crimes. You must leave absolutely no traces when you kill your next victim. If you are just an ordinary astronaut, you should gather as much evidence as possible to investigate the killings and discover who stands behind them. The game is very interest as you can never predict the ending! Have fun!

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