FNF: Minecraft Funky Edition Online (Friday Night Funkin)

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The Boyfriend from FNF has absolutely no time foe rest. Daddy Dearest, his worst enemy continuously finds new opponents to confront the hero in the dancing arena. So far, the fortune is on the hero’s side and he successfully outperforms all the enemies. But this time, the trial is especially difficult. Boyfriend will have to take part in the rhythm battle against the creepy monsters from Minecraft. Just a thought of Herobrine makes him tremble with fear. And there are other characters to meet as well. Will you help the hero survive this terrible duel and become a winner? All he needs to do is to follow the rhythm with no mistakes. You should press the floating arrows on the screen to match the beats of the music. Do you have a good sense of rhythm? Let’s check it together in this thrilling entertainment!

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