Getting Over It

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You will deal with a very special character in this online game – a man who sits in a pot. And he cannot get out of it. The hero has a giant hammer in his hands, and can move only with its help. For this, you need to rotate it well. But it is not so easy as it looks at first glance.

Reach the top of the hill!

The task may seem unrealistic, but you still can succeed. You will struggle at first until you master all the nuances of handling the hammer. Step by step, you will realize how to maneuver. Shortly, you will even learn to jump using the same simple mechanics. So even without legs, your character can move quite well. But at the same time, all mistakes can end tragically for the hero. So think well before you make the next move. You need to correctly foresee the trajectory of each rotation of the hammer. Only a few players will manage to complete the mission. Good luck!

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