Melon Playground

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Lots of players believe simulators are boring and monotonous. But this opinion is only partially correct. Some of these games offer you exclusive and thrilling activities you will not be able to enjoy in real-life. Are you ready to dive into an absolutely new adventure and experience something new? Then welcome to Melon Playground, a project devoted to destruction! Finally, you do not need to build and create anything. Here, all you are supposed to do is to ruin and destroy, no matter how strange it may sound! It is a fabulous playground where you can experiment with all sorts of weapons!

Attack every stickman you meet!

There is no particular plot in Melon Playground – all players are offered complete freedom of action. You have only one mission – to kill as many opponents as you can. All your enemies come in a funny pixelated design. But you will find everything you need to customize them. You are free to change the appearance of the personages, their outfits, backgrounds and much more. All events unfold in huge fighting arena where you meet antagonists face to face. At first, you will deal with single opponents, but as you progress through the gameplay, you will have to learn to deal with dozens of them and manage to destroy even whole armies. Of course, the developers did not forget about weapons. You will get access to a rich arsenal of all possible tools and devices you can use for these cruel experiments.

Experiment and invent new strategies

There are no instructions on how exactly you need to get rid of your enemies. You just need to smash them all. And it is up to you how you will realize it. The players are encouraged to test new tools and even invent new methods of destruction. Thanks to the in-game editor, you can also create different scenes in this simulator. For example, you are free to organize epic battles between your opponents. Stickmen can also use weapon, so build two strong armies, arm them with the best devices and fight until one party defeats the other one. Every time you succeed, you will get experience points that you will be able to use for upgrading your weapon arsenal. So if you are brave enough to witness bloodies scenes and some violent confrontations, start this incredible game and enjoy it to the fullest!

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