People Playground 2

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Are you fond of various simulators but are already tired of traditional craft plots? Then we have something absolutely thrilling for you to test – People Playground 2! This unbelievable game will fully change your mind about this genre. And the explanation is more than simple – now you will not construct anything. The aim is drastically different – you will have to kill and destroy. Are you ready to test your skills in such unusual entertainment? If you are not afraid of blood and violence, let’s get started!

What is the main mission?

This simulator comes without a plot. But what is the point then? There is only one key task the player needs to complete – to kill all opponents. They come as plain stickmen but you can further customize them as you wish. You will receive no instructions during the walkthrough and there will not be a list of tasks as in similar games. You yourself become the author of all your adventures. Take a minute to learn how all controls work here and start this unusual fun. Drag your opponents to the arena and apply the first weapon to see what effect it will have on their body. All the processes are based on the laws of physics and you will be impressed by the realistic scenes. So we hope you are not scared by the bloody views as you are going to see plenty of them during the gameplay.

Invent new destruction methods

As it has been already mentioned, a range of weapons in this entertainment is simply stunning. You will have guns, rifles, grenades, explosives and even more. You can test various poisons and make lethal injections to your antagonists. You can use tools than conduct electricity and check how they will work on the poor ragdolls. But every time, you can try a new method – apply several weapons at once to achieve unbelievable visual effects. Only you decide on how the opponent is going to die – it can be cold blooded murder planned well in advance or an accident where the character is killed by a vehicle. Only your imagination may limit your destruction activity. So do not look for other ways to relieve stress – People Playground is the best option to do it at any time. Do not miss a chance to enjoy it!

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