Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

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If you love stories where you need to act in never-ending danger – welcome to Poppy Playtime. All events unfold in the old factory that used to produce toys years ago. But it became abandoned after a terrible tragedy. Lots of people mysteriously disappeared from here once. Since that time, nobody dared to go there. But one guy cannot overcome his curiosity and decides to restart the investigation. But the old building has turned out to be full of evil monsters – these are toys that have come to life and now are ready to kill! In the first chapter, the hero will have to confront terrible Huggy Wuggy, a shaggy blue teacher with ominous grin and several rows of sharp teeth. But trials are not over!

Meet Mommy Long Legs!

A new antagonist is already rubbing her hands dreaming to reach the main character. It is a cartoon-looking spider that just looks so friendly. You know well that all toys here are possessed by some dark power that make them extremely dangerous. So do not be misled by the cute appearance of a new character. She will make you solve several tricky puzzles. Think hard to find the right answers to all of them to remain alive. Otherwise, the spider will catch you and wrap with the web to death!

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