Siren Head

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How many virtual monsters have you managed to survive during your gaming experience? No matter how advanced you may be, this time, you will face a creature you have never met before. Who is that villain that people talk about but no one has seen in reality? It is Siren Head, a terrible beast that kills absolutely everyone who stands on his way. The monster is unbelievably tall and thin and at the same time, it looks like a human. But one thing makes him especially frightening – he has no head! All you can see instead of it is two huge sirens attached with the wire to his neck. Siren Head can produce terrible sounds that make blood freeze in your veins. So far, nobody could survive a meeting with this treacherous beast. Will you become the first one?

Mislead the opponent!

You will find yourself in the forest where Siren Head lives. Unfortunately, there is no one around to help you, and you have no weapon to protect yourself from the enemy. All you can use is a weak flashlight to make you way through this dangerous environment. You should be very careful and not to make a sound. The antagonist has excellent hearing and will immediately appear behind your back if you unintentionally step on a dry branch or make other noise. So now it depends entirely on your smartness whether you will be able to mislead the demonic creature and cross this gloomy forest safe and sound.

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