Stick Slasher

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In this project, you will play for a stickman who needs to participate in fierce battles. The hero is quite clumsy and moves like a real ragdoll. It will be extremely difficult to control him, and you may need some time to adapt to his chaotic behavior. Are you ready to start?

Try to defeat them all!

You will be armed only with a sword and a shield. It may seem you are more than vulnerable with this modest set. But if you use these tools skillfully, you will succeed. Use a sword to attack and use a shield to protect yourself. The hero will be attacked by other stickmen, and your task is to hit the opponent before he can reach you. There are different types of enemies you will face – some of them come with no weapons, while others will have multiple swords. Each killed antagonist will bring you points. Try to reach the highest possible score.

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