Stickman Warrior Fatality

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Are you ready to participate in an epic fight of stickmen? Then welcome to the Stickman Warrior Fatality adventure. Here, you will participate in fierce confrontation with spectacular scenes. Your hero will find himself in the fighting arena, face to face with a strong opponent.

Make sure you leave no chance to your enemy!

You will see a colorful field for a duel in front of you on the screen. Tap the screen to move your character. You can force him to perform different stunts and deliver ruining kicks and punches to his opponents. Try to calculate your hits with accuracy so that they reach the target. You will earn points for good performance. The game has many rounds and every next level is more difficult and exciting. You will have to go through lots of touch challenges in the way to victory – spinning iron circles with sharp blades, fire and other trials. But do not give up!

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