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The world of online games is so rich today that it is almost impossible to impress any player! But some projects favorable stand out from the crowd. People Playground is one of them. It is a simulator but it drastically differs from other games in this genre. You will not be forced to build and craft as in the majority of simulating plots. This time, everything is completely different – you must kill and destroy! Are you surprised by such an unexpected twist? Anyway, it is going to be fun, so let’s try it!

How to play?

The developers did not bother themselves with stories and set only one target for the player. You need to kill every opponent you see in the arena. All your enemies are designed in a stickman style. But you can also change their appearance – there are lots of customization tools you can use for this purpose. Once you finalize how your adversaries will look like, it is time to think how you will deal with them. It is not enough to fed them off or just injure them. The key point is to tear apart everyone! But the selection of weapons is so stunning that it will not be a problem. You will have access to all sorts of guns and explosive things, lethal poisons and various vehicles. Unleash your creativity and realize the cruelest experiments you can think of!

What mods are available?

The project comes with a variety of maps you can activate. The game has been continuously released and updates by its authors. Currently, you can enjoy this entertainment in more than tem modes. The most popular locations include abyss, blocked environment, sea adventure. All of them come with different features and weapon arsenal. So every time you play a new mode, you go through a completely new story. You will be impressed by the capabilities for the destruction you can use. Try to experiment and invent new methods of killings. It can be planned murder or an accident – the more sophisticated scenario you realize, the better! Have fun in this unusual simulator and kill them all with no mercy and hesitation!

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