People Playground

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People Playground is a simulator with absolute freedom of action. But unlike in the majority of similar projects where you need to build, create and progress, here your mission will be completely different. This time, you will be encourages to destroy and kill! It is the main goal of the game to find the most sophisticated method to smash everyone around. Are you full of creative ideas in this direction? Then join this playground now to show everything you are capable of!

Experiment with weapons!

The developers have prepared a very particular role for you. The player transforms into a merciless killer whose only mission is to find a new, sophisticated way to defeat opponents. All antagonists are designed as stickmen or ragdolls. And only you will decide on how they all will die. There are endless scenarios for their destruction, and you will find all the necessary tools for realizing them. Here you are free to perform various experiments on living people, experiment with all available devices and equipment, test various types of weapons. Invent unbelievable methods to destroy dozens of vehicles and opponents. The possibilities are endless – you can even test poisonous injections. There are so many options, that you will spend hours to implement all your creative ideas.

Write your own scenario

This simulator comes with lots of controls that will allow you to model various scenes. Press the right buttons to select the ragdolls. Then select the weapons and decide whether it is going to be a planned and cruel killing or just an accident. You have all the necessary tools for realizing absolutely anything you can think of. You can develop incredible situations from improvised means. For example, it can be a fierce confrontation with the police or a bloodthirsty car accident. Just drag the characters to the playing arena, give them weapons, activate the fight mode and watch the spectacular scenes. Make sure you check how each device works, and then you will be able to combine them to see a new thrilling killing method. There are many unbelievable stories you can see on your screen if you have little fantasy – the project comes with lots of fabulous maps. Just remember that the main task is to find the most sophisticated way to destroy everyone and everything. Will you be able to show your individual approach and surprise others?

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