The House Of Evil Granny

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Some horror games are so scary that you physically feel your blood freeze in your veins while you are going through the plot. This entertainment is one of them. The hero wakes up in a new place. It is so gloomy and frightening that you immediately understand that you must run away as soon as possible. But the owner of this house is hunting you! It is an evil granny that did not go out for years and went really mad. Her appearance is ugly and she hold a bloodied bat! No doubt, you are not going to be the first victim of this crazy monster. How to escape? You must make your way through this creepy environment and find the front door. Besides, you should look around for the keys as the door is locked. It will be extremely difficult to succeed when such a scary opponent is chasing you. Do not forget that you have only five days to survive, otherwise, the game will end up painfully!

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